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Well, helllllllllo Spring!

We are SO happy that Spring has finally sprung! The sun is shining, the park is packed…children and dogs seem to have multiplied by the hundreds! Woof!

After snow and rain and slush, our studio is just beaming with sunshine! We’ve been having a blast – as usual – playing with all these little munchkins and we would LOVE to meet your new little bundle of joy! After all, what better way to celebrate the Spring than with the wonders of brand new life?



You’re totally having an AWWWWW moment right now, yeah? Yeah, we know…us too! So stop by, say hello, have a chat and let us capture the memories you’ll savor forever and ever.




How happy is this kid? SO HAPPY! Come visit us today to see this magic in action!


Happy New Year!

…And what a year it has been! Thank you SO much for sharing all your wonderful children with us! We’ve absolutely loved watching them grow, watching them change, watching them laugh, cackle and scream! There is never a dull moment here at Classic Kids and we have you to thank for always keeping us so entertained! Cheers to you and another year of delicious smiles!




We capture life, every day. Moment after moment. Snap after snap. We spend our time observing the world around us, embracing the incredible miracles that make up our lives. Here at Classic Kids, we work to tell YOUR story – whatever that may be! We let your kids run wild because, well… it’s their time to shine! We discover the unreal, the awesome, and the amazingly wonderful. Each kid we work with is unique and unbelievably special and we are so thrilled to freeze time in moments like these…

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and this….

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and this!…

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Hugs and Smiles!

The girls at CK Upper West Side!



Hello friends!

Well, summer is definitely here! After a pretty brutal winter, we’re super excited to welcome summer with open arms and cheek to cheek smiles! We’ve continued to watch our community grow and blossom with brand new precious babies and little (or BIG) animal friends! We feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful neighborhood and…well, with munchkins like these, how could we not!

because every day is a holiday!

Hey, how you doin’?

We absolutely love your kids exactly how they are and that’s how we roll here at Classic Kids – It’s about finding what makes your kids go bananas and making sure that we capture those amazing smiles you are used to seeing at home! Next up are our

FREE TO BE ME photo sessions where we open the door to your kids and whoever they want to be – be it a super hero, a princess, a magical fairy…let their minds run wild! Swing on by to make an appointment today – after all, who doesn’t want to prance around in a magical tutu? (I know I do, duh!)




Lovie Launch Party!

January 31, 2014

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